Commonly asked questions about the Bend Fat Tire Tour

What level of riders participate in the Bend Fat Tire Tour?

Answer: All types with amazing options for any level

  • Friday Saturday and Sunday are enough to satisfy the enthusiastic novice to an intermediate mountain biker and above.

Do I receive a Demo pass when I enter the Weekender or Epic Rides or Experiance Package?

  • YES, all riders who leave early on any of our guided trips will receive a demo opportunity after coming back to town if their legs can handle it.
  • Please note to rent a Demo from a variety of local bike shops supporting this event if you want a demo for more than 3 hrs.

What is the Oregon Mountain Bike Experiance?

  • Five days of riding starting in the Mckenzie and ending in Bend for one amazing multi-day, lodging and meal included fun fest on two knobby tires. Your support supports our cause in the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance and Commute Options. LINK
  • More info and registration for this 40 participate maximum experiance by visiting Cog Wild

Where do the Demo’s and Bend Fat Tire Tour depart from?

  • Cog Wild Shuttles and Tour Headquarters at Loge Camp

Are the Trails Closed to this event?

  • NO, so please slow down and yield to all uphill traffic. Please pay special attention when the sight lines (amount of trail you can see) is limited as riders and runners appear quickly and we don’t like crashing do we?

What do the guides do?

The Guides at the Bend Fat Tire Tour are simply top-notch locals to ride with and push you in the right direction. These riders display a unique knowledge of the local trails and will set a modest ride pace of around 10mph,7mph,5mph.

  • Some Guides will act as sweeps to guide you for all but the last 5 or so miles the closer you get to Bend.
  • We also have Mechanics from various shops to potentially save your day.
  • Each rider will get a route map and contact list of guides in your group to enhance your Bend Fat Tire Tour.
  • ┬áIf you want to guide or volunteer and live in Bend, Oregon or the general area and or know the trails incredibly well, use this link and sign up LINK

Ride with GPS ap and give back links

We encourage every rider to download the routes to their phones and install the Ride with Gps AP

Donate to these great groups. 100% of the money through these links will make a difference to local kids for Commute Options and the untapped adventure of the Oregon Timber Trail!

Oregon Timber Trail Alliance

Commute Options